What Are Descriptive Words?

What Are Descriptive Words – Important Facts to Know

Some people find it easy to speak and write in English, but if asked to write a short story about something, an article, a research paper or something of this nature, you will be amazed that not everyone can do it with ease without going through some difficult moments. It is a fact that not everyone can write an article perfectly, even if they know the English grammar well or have perfected the spelling quiz bee.

As writing entails more than just having perfect grammar skills, but one also needs to have a good grasp of the English vocabulary.

But what are descriptive words anyway?

A writer who needs to be very effective must be able to explain a particular place or situation without sounding like an ingredients enumeration. The words used should be engaging and easy to understand, and the sentence structure would make you glued in and engaged to the story till the end.

In other words, your description of a place or thing should sound natural and something that readers will find easy and friendly to understand.

In addition, your article or short story must be able to provide the needed information that readers require, for example in a travel article. But just because you are describing a particular place or location, the phrase used can be too boring or common with other publications. So it is important to understand, and have the skills on how make words in your article sound descriptive and unique.

If you know the descriptive words well, this could make your article sounds alive and entertaining, and is essential to your success as a writer.

Now let us discuss what really descriptive words are and how can they affect the outcome of an article.

I’m quite sure that you have heard the words adverbs and adjectives in your English 101 lessons and probably hated it – or loved it, depending on how well you did on this subject. Well anyway, descriptive words are basically just that, phrases and words that modify the verbs and nouns.
However, take note that when you are using descriptive words there is a fairly good chance that you will end up exhausting the required word limit before you are even halfway to your real objective. A good writer would simply use words or terminology that explain the situation, and or place in a few words.
So if you are still wondering what are descriptive words, it is only a simple explanation of things, situation and location.

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